Invisible Pain

There’s a part of me you’ll never know, though I feel it everyday, it steals my heart and robs my soul, changing life in every way.  Distorting happiness, obviating memories.. my permission it does not need. It breaks me down and takes away, making certain I don’t succeed.  Explicit thoughts -nowhere near, instead, sensations of grief.  And just when I’m happy, content, or amused, from the dark it steals like a thief. Nobody understands the change, unpredictable and quick.  Nor do they perceive the fact that I’m becoming sick.  In the darkest caves of my mind, reality carves its own curse, mood changes from happy to blue, changing life from better to worse.  I wish they knew its wrath, how it mysteriously comes and goes, on incident never the last, this evil does not disclose.  I wish people wouldn’t take it so personal, knowing I’ve slipped away, for sometime soon I shall return, until again…. I’m led astray.


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